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How to Stop the Asian Carp?


The Chicago Tribune reported that the DNR’s massive poisoning of the Chicago River revealed zero asian carp. It was believed that the carp made it up to the locks in Chicago and basically to the doorstep of Lake Michigan. The only way to know for sure was to poison the river resulting in 100,000 dead fish. Good news: no carp in the locks (yet). Bad news: they’re confirmed only miles downstream and ever advancing.

How many more times will the river need to be poisoned to test for carp? Once this is a dead issue, will they stop testing and let the carp slip through? Poisoning a river seems extreme but the Great Lakes have enough invasive species already. We need to keep these carp out of Lk. Michigan. What do you think we should do?

— First Posted May 3, 2010 —

The Supreme Court declined to act on a bill that would close boat locks in Chicago to protect Lake Michigan from the advancement of Asian carp. The bill will die unless Pres. Obama takes action.

Write to your Congressman or Senator and let them know action needs to be taken to keep these critters out of the Great Lakes.


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