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25% Walleye

Just settled in at my desk after another morning of chasing walleye on the Detroit River before work. Getting up at 4:30 to go fishing seems like a good idea until about 11 am. Good news, there’s enough coffee in my office to keep me awake. Bad news, the coffee tastes like shit. 

Sunrise on the Detroit River, Walleye Fishing

This was my fourth wally adventure in the past few weeks. 3 out of the 4 trips the river has kicked my ass, totally skunked. We did get into quite a few last Friday keeping 7 walleye. I also landed my first Muskie. (another pic is posted on the game bag page). So what was so special about last week when we boated fish?

Muskie, Detroit River, Action Shot

The big difference today was the direction of the wind. When we caught fish we had a south wind at 5-10 mph. Today, it was out of the west at 5-10 but with stronger gusts. The water is 7 degrees warmer today, at 57, but the water clairity was similar. We fished the same spots and used the same color jigs that landed fish last week. The few fish we hooked today were on green jigs and orange and yellow jigs tipped with a rubber minnow. Maybe the storm that moved through last night rattled them a little bit as well.

Me and Bob with 7 keepers caught on 4/30

25% of the time we catch wallys

If you fish by Chene Park, say hi to my new buddy…a big Rooster Pheasant. He’s made a home in the bushes surrounding the ampitheater. I’ve watched him feed, preen and call out to his lady friends on two out of the four trips. But he better watch his ass if I’m fishing there in October. Cause 25% walleye fishing success let’s my mind wander to bird hunting in a hurry. And I’ve got a lab that would love to meet Mr. Rooster in the park.



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