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Ernie Harwell and some Chicks

Apparently Peregrine Falcons run the D. Since posting this story ( ) about the Falcons nesting on top of my office buidling in Warren, MI, two more Falcon pairs have made the news in Metro-Detroit. In the past week, DNR officers and conservationalists banded and named 6 Falcon chicks. Three in Mount Clemens on the Macomb County building and three more on the Ambassador bridge.  

The Ambassador Bridge Falcons ( ) nested on the Canadian side of the bridge between Windsor and Downtown Detroit. According to the article, the chicks were removed from the nest as the protective parents dive-bombed the DNR folks. You couldn’t pay me enough money to climb up the Ambassador Bridge and tangle with two pissed-off Falcons stories above the Detroit River.  

Ernie Harwell was honored at the banding “ceremony” of the Macomb County Falcons ( ) last week. “Harwell” (pictured below) and his siblings “Martha” and “Packard” will carry names that will forever connect them with the city of Detroit. Click the link above for more pics from the Free Press.  



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