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Pay Less for State Park Access with the Recreation Passport

Save $14 on your recreational park fees with the new Recreation Passport. The next time you renew a plate on any vehicle you can purchase the Passport for $10 (currently $24) and get access to all state park/rec areas, every state owned boat launch and more. The passport will be available starting October 1st.

Michigan outdoor enthusiasts need to support this and similar measures taken by the state to keep these public areas funded.

Hopefully I’ll be able to test a few of these boat launches when I get the new duck boat out of the garage and onto a lake this summer.


One thought on “Pay Less for State Park Access with the Recreation Passport

  1. It’s all fine and good for me. I’ll save $14/year. Does the state really expect to see opt-ins for this recreational pass to more than make up for the difference? I think it might be a tough sell with our economy, but we’ll see.

    Posted by Bert David | June 27, 2010, 11:48 pm

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