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Dawn to Dusk

Last week I fished 3 lakes and shot a couple rounds of 5 stand. Not bad for working close to 50 hours as  a desk-bound cubicle cowboy.

Thursday started with a pre-dawn run to Lake St. Clair. I met up with Jake, my coworker and trusted walleye fishing captain, at 5:30 am. We launched near Selfridege Airforce base and headed to a spot about 1 mile off-shore. We fished tubes for smallies as the sun slowly popped over the horizon. A beautiful morning. But the bass weren’t interested in sharing the view from the boat.

Sunrise on Lake St. Clair

We threw spinnerbaits and crankbaits in dense weeds closer to shore. We each missed a strike before moving into the canals where we finally found some largemouths.

Angler with a Largemouth Bass

Jake caught this decent bass on a small floating Rapala. The fish were holding to any visible surface weeds and lounging under boat lifts. Since I destroyed the battery for the troller last weekend, navigating the canals was tough. I’ll be back with a working minn-kota because these in-shore waters are stocked full of bass.

Angler with Small Largemouth Bass

This little largemouth destroyed a tube. I lobbed it up into a sunny spot in front of a boat house. He came out of the water absolutely punishing the bait before I set the hook.

Texas-rigging tubes helps to get them down to the fish buried in the weeds this time of year. But a regular wide-gap hook allows the tube to slide to much destroying the bait after just a few strikes. So I experimented with a Skip Gap hook. The shank of this hook has a little zig-zag in it holding the tube in place and making it virtually weedless. Click the pic above for a quick video about rigging a tube using these new hooks.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning featured my new go-to lure, the black and blue jig-n-pig. I got this tip on a blog of a friend of mine. He wore out the bass and quite a few large pike with this set-up last month. Click here to see his post and some impressive pics.

Black and Blue Jig Bass Fishing bait

A stout, heavy action 7 foot graphite rod armed a jig and Zoom rubber crawler trailer was by far the best producing bait last week. It worked best casting parallel to drop-offs in about 17 fow. Or holding the boat over the drop-off casting into shallow weeds and working the jig down the drop-off. Until the weather cools off  I expect this bait to be a top performer.

On Sunday afternoon I shot a couple rounds of 5-stand with the Ann Arbor chapter of the Moose Club near Pinckney, MI. The course kicked my ass at first. I only broke 12 of 25 clays. The next round I got the swing of it and managed to better my score to 17. All they guys at the club were funny and great shooters. At only $6 a round I’ll be back there for sure.

It was a busy week. But making time to fish is sometimes the only way I keep sane. Even if it means waking up at 4:30 am before work, fishing until dusk on Saturday and getting up on Sunday to do it all again.

Sunset during bass fishing


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