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Goose Hunting

Good Morning from the Goose Blind

Good morning from Lake St. Clair.

Zeus, Mike and I launched from South River Rd. this morning. We set about 12 goose decoys, sat back and enjoyed the view.

The lake is packed with waterfowl. Mallards, black ducks, teal, divers and geese constantly traded from the canals to the big water all morning. We didn’t fire a shot. But some hunters in a layout rig got a few geese. The birds are already call shy and pretty wary. The less we called the closer they’d fly to the boat.

Early goose season in Michigan ends in a few days so get at ’em.


One thought on “Good Morning from the Goose Blind

  1. Mornings like that make me never want to miss another sunrise.

    Posted by angling obsession | September 13, 2010, 12:46 am

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