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First Ice 2010

Here’s a quick update on the ice conditions at Metro Beach.

7:30 am: Docks in the Harbor Master and the entire bay (to the island) were completely locked-up. The ice is only about 1.5″ thick and soft. I don’t trust the ice this early in the season so we fished from the docks.

Early Ice on Lake St. Clair

I augured a few holes in the boat slips checking for fish with the Vexilar. As it usually happens, we caught all the fish right next to the first holes we drilled.

The Gear Sees Daylight

9 am: My buddy Mike hooked a little gill and two 5″ perch. The fish moved in between 9:15-10:15 am but no keepers.

First of the season

10:30 am: Off the ice to get ready for the weekend. We ended up hooking about 8 fish, mostly dink perch. A green Hali Jig with a red dot armed with a wax worm caught most of the fish. (It’s the pattern on the far right in this pic.)

This is the earliest I can remember ice fishing here in Metro Detroit. To be safe I’d give  that ice a few more days to lock-up.

Good luck this weekend.


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