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Upland Bird Hunting

Bacon and Grouse Hunting

There’s nothing better than bacon. Unless you wrap it around a roll of Italian sausage. Which is filled with more bacon. Yeah, I’d have to say this is one way to make bacon better.

The Beautiful Bacon Log

This legendary concoction is known as the Bacon Log. It’s the combination of 2 lbs of bacon, 2 lbs of sausage, your favorite dry rub and some BBQ sauce.

Creating the Bacon Log

Start by weaving slices of bacon together on a cookie sheet. Smash the sausage into a thin layer on top of the weave. Cook and crumble more bacon on the sausage and smother it with BBQ sauce.

Inside the bacon log is more bacon

Roll up the sausage layer to form the inside of the log. Then wrap it with the bacon weave and apply your favorite dry rub. Place it in the fridge. Go grouse hunting.

In Snowy Aspens Looking for Grouse

To create an appetite large enough to contend with the heart-attack inducing log, hike through the woods with your favorite shotgun in hand. A well experienced grouse dog is vital at this point. If you happen to park the truck near a small stand of aspen, be ready for a flushing grouse as soon as your lab jumps out of the truck.

Zeus chasing grouse in the snow

Check along hill tops and focus on the edges where pines and aspen converge. A few birds can be found on the side of the hill sheltered from the wind enjoying the buds of aspen and beech trees. After a few hours and three thundering flushes return to the truck.

Snowy Pines Hold Grouse in December

If you missed the only good shot you had all day, return to the cabin and drown your sorrows in a few glasses of scotch. Place the Bacon Log in the smoker at 225 degrees. Sit around for a couple hours, drink more scotch and joke around with your buddies.

Dirty Bert with the Precooked Log

Smother the log with BBQ sauce. Leave it in the smoker for another 10-15 minutes. Slice and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Bacon and Grouse Hunting

  1. Is the Canadian for flavor?
    We slice goose breast into strips, roll them around cream cheese, wrap that combo in bacon and cook on the grill (Weber. Charcoal.).

    Yes, bacon is good.

    Posted by Matt Smythe | December 16, 2010, 11:55 am
  2. Matt…throw some green onions in the middle of that wrap, drench it in BBQ sauce and give that shot.

    I love that recipe.

    Posted by huntduckshookfish | December 16, 2010, 4:15 pm
  3. Nice. I’ll definitely try it. Just got to knock some down in a couple weeks!

    Posted by Matt Smythe | December 16, 2010, 4:21 pm
  4. The Candian is for the work horses who put that thing together. Mostly my buddy, Dirty, but I helped. By drinking Molson.

    I’ve got some plans for late season goose hunting as well. Get one with your longbow! Tred Barta style!

    Posted by huntduckshookfish | December 16, 2010, 6:43 pm

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