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Happy Birthday Zeus

When I can’t find the words, my brother finds them for me. This Facebook post captures the essence of the past ten years spent with one of the best hunting buddies I could ever ask for. Zeus might appear as nothing more than an average black lab with a reckless tail which destroys wine glasses on coffee tables. To my family, he’s one in a million.

“Dear Zeus,
I want to start by saying happy 10th birthday. On July 25, 2002 you became part of our family. Since that day you have demonstrated loyalty, obedience and love for us every waking moment. Your talents in the art of waterfowl and upland game retrieving has brought joy to all who have had the privileged to hunt along side of you. Your overall mellow personality and love for people is unlike any other dog I have met. In a world filled with worries about work, school and money you remind us of the little things in life that should be cherished. A ride in the truck, a walk through the woods, a nap in the club house and a sunset from the blind. We find our best qualities in you. You have celebrated some of our biggest accomplishments in life, yet helped us through our greatest defeats without saying a word. You are the truest example of what man’s best friend should be. Congratulations on reaching the decade mark and may the next ten years be filled with “get dem birds”, blinky balls, chippies and club house napping. Love you BigBoi.”


Jimmy Thrubis

Thanks for the heartfelt words brother. I’m looking forward to another season with the old boy. Almost as much as he’s looking forward to tasting all those feathers.

Here are just a few of Zeus’s finer moments. Here’s to hoping for many more.

NoDak 2009

Z’s First Swan

Z’s First Snow Goose

Wake-up Call

Grouse Hunting

Long Retrieve

King of the Road

Last Call

Happy Boy


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Zeus

  1. Aaah! So cute! Rick and I want a black lab so badly. One day… I have decided that we will call him Atticus Finch. Labs are the best. Rick’s cousin Keith in NE has a black lab too. She’s the friendliest dog in the world. -Jen

    Posted by Food for Hunters (@FoodForHunters) | June 19, 2012, 6:19 pm
  2. Zeus is the best dog ever. I remember the summer you got him well….you were training him in the back yard and painting my house. Break times were filled with retrieving manouvers and training commands. Fun times Pete.

    Posted by Carolyn Rushlow | March 20, 2013, 10:56 pm

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