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The 100th Post

Everything was thick as molasses. The woods. The water. The air. Each breath like sucking a quilt into my lungs. The pathetic breeze couldn’t even move the cottonwood seeds floating on the lake. I was swallowed-up in a late-August afternoon. But it was only early June.

Sweat dripped into my eyes. I pulled the flick-n-shimy worm through the weeds. The line changed course with a subtle strike. A foot-stomping hookset and short fight brought the little bass to the boat. He looked just like his buddy. And the one before him. So many now I’ve lost count.

Zeus and I swatted the flies biting our ankles. We floated, just the two of us, on this little lake in the middle of the woods. I took a minute to drink it in. I listened to the wall of sound created by an army of bullfrogs. Watched a loon surface with a perch in his beak. Tracked distant geese flying against tall clouds building into the clear blue sky. Thankful for the moment.

I had no idea this trip would inspire my 100th post.

This milestone just appeared. No plan. No party. No streamers. The significance similar to sitting out in the middle of that lake. A moment to pause and reflect. And thank the people who have inspired me to keep this party rolling for the past three years.

Christina and Dennis Jacobs: Perfect Laughter

These two super talented and passionate artists are the reason I started blogging. They taught me that if you pour yourself into what you love to do, you’ll never regret it. Thank you for the ideas, motivation, confidence and following HDHF for years.

PS-If you’re into art or are looking for some screen-printed awesomeness, please check out their site.

The Boys at Angling Obsession

String it. Sling it. Swing it. These boys live for fly fishing and bring some of the greatest waters of Michigan to life week after week. Thanks for your continued advice and support. I’m counting down the days until a Salmon/Grouse cast-n-blast weekend.

Speaking of my home-state homeboys, a special thanks to both the Consummate Sportsman and the Metro Pioneer. CS- You’re a big reason why I’ve started incorporating more videos in my posts. MP- My DIY posts are totally inspired by you. To you both, keep doing what you’re doing.

Matt Smythe: The Fishing Poet

Matt inspires me. From his writing to his decision to leave the office job. His stories tell so much about his love for the outdoors matched only by his love for family. Matt, you’re the most loyal fan of the site. So here’s a video I made just for you. It has two things I know you dig. Bass Fishing and the Beastie Boys.

Thank you for reading this post and helping HDHF celebrate in my own little way. I’ll crack a few Molson Canadians in your honor. Please accept these pics from my last trip as a token of my appreciation. Because a post ain’t a post without some shots of Zeus and a little fish porn. Am I right?

Rainbow Trout

Swim Free Rainbow Buddy

Largemouth Close-up

Bass Swims Off


Loon Just Chillin

Good Boy


6 thoughts on “The 100th Post

  1. You are a good man, Pete, and the consummate outdoorsman. I enjoy reading about your travels in the field and on the water to no end. Humbled and extremely honored to be a part of your 100th post. Thank you.

    …and hells yea to the Beasties and bass!

    Keep on keepin’ on, brother.

    Posted by Matt Smythe | June 22, 2012, 8:50 pm
  2. Your are The Man!!!!!!!!!Catch any Boars,for the Grill?

    Posted by RORY | June 22, 2012, 8:56 pm
  3. thanks for the comment Pete. If we get ice this winter, we will have to get out on Lake Saint Clair.

    Posted by metropioneer | July 30, 2012, 2:35 am

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