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Just a Typical Weekend

Largemouths on plastics. Perch on beetle spins. Fish for lunch and ducks for dinner. Brake jobs at dusk and a chicken coop first thing in the morning. What a weekend.

It was hot. Like sweating in a cold shower hot. I needed some air conditioning. Reeves needed a hand with a few projects so I loaded up the boat, the dogs and a cooler full of meats from my game freezer. A fifth of Evan Williams and a 2 liter of Cherry Coke Zero rolled on the floorboard when the tires hit the dirt road.

Sunrise seemed hours early. The outboard spit burnt-oil-rich smoke. My favorite wake-up call. Subtle strikes on rubber worms. Bass after bass. The morning ended with over 20 fish in the boat and 4 panfish in the cooler.

Cornmeal breaded fillets hit hot oil. Schematics for future boat improvements scrawled on graph paper. Sriracha sauce and sour cream. Shredded cheddar topped burritos. Off to Home Depot and Auto Zone.

Reeves tightened the lugs. The garage was pushing 100 degrees. Back to the air conditioning. Thin sliced onions and green peppers. Three duck breasts transformed into a stack of medallions about the thickness of bacon. Tater tots in the oven. Bourbon over ice. Three dogs begged. Hoagie rolls held white American cheese and Provolone. Then fried duck, onions and peppers. In the oven to finish with the tots. More bourbon. Less ice.

That damn rooster. Again. And again. Sawdust and wood screws. Plywood and 2-by-somethings. Lunch a version of dinner. Ruffed grouse and Chukar partridge replaced duck. The whiskey is gone. Time to head home.

—– inspired the duck and grouse sandwiches with this recipe. Their site is dedicated to helping hunters feed themselves. A worthy cause. In addition to brining the meat overnight (1/4 cup Kosher Salt to 8 cups water, slightly simmered until the salt dissolves) and soaking it in clean water, I marinated the duck in some beef broth and Worcestershire sauce for a few hours. It was. Damn. Good.


Lakeville Lk

Reeves Landing a Bass

Bass with Weird Dark Spots

Island House

Double-Up Perch=Lunch

Working on the Coop

Coop in Progress


2 thoughts on “Just a Typical Weekend

  1. nice coop

    Posted by metropioneer | July 30, 2012, 2:32 am

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