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Goose Hunting

Goose S.W.A.T.

Erika saw them from the truck. Three geese in a wide open clover field. Not at all concerned that the season opened the day before.

Mosquitoes swarmed veraciously biting man and dog. Jim and I belly crawled down the trail. A doe and two fawns noticed us but kept eating. Safe for now.

The geese had another thing coming. No cover stood in the 200 yards between us and the birds. We had no other option. We checked our safeties and sprinted into the clearing.

They looked confused at first. Then nervously walked in circles. Two crazy-looking, camo-clad brothers and Zeus closing in. They took to the air to escape.

Two Benellis barked. Two geese fell.

I love this time of year.

Early Goose, 2012

First Geese of 2012

Big Early Season Goose


4 thoughts on “Goose S.W.A.T.

  1. Hah this is great – I work down in Westchester Country, and I always see these cars driving around selling geese control services – Goose Gone etc… I always wanted to show up once morning and help them out, with a box of Black Cloud BB’s.

    Posted by lockestocknbarrel | September 20, 2012, 2:46 pm
  2. It sounds like “The Charge of the Light Brigade” but you guys are no lightweights! Maybe it was more like ”
    RollingThunder”. I remember the first geese my buddy and I took. After chasing them for a long time, they setteled in on a nice peaceful sodd farm. But it wqasn’t peaceful for very long. We had to ask the powner for permission to enter and he said to go ahead but do it before his mom gets home. Stealthily we worked our way to the outer edge of a very small woods which we used for cover. We could sneak to about 50 yards before it opened into the sod field. Then we charged! About a 50 yard sprint, breathing hard – two shots, two geese – flight cancelled!
    Have fun in NoDak!! We’ll miss you for the opener.
    Slay em!

    Posted by Uncle Mike | September 26, 2012, 4:42 pm

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