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Duck hunting

A Traveling Decoy

He showed up in a box on my porch. Carefully packed in shredded paper. Michigan was the first stop on his tour before his final destination. eBay.

Meet Range. He’s a traveling decoy. He’s traded between a few waterfowl hunters who share their stories through Twitter and blogs. The final result is a donation to charity funded by his final auction price on eBay.

Range has tagged along on my first hunts of the 2012 season. From small marshes in northern Michigan. To the prairie potholes of North Dakota. You’ll see him in a few pics in my upcoming posts and now you know his story.

If you’d like to find out more about Range visit his blog at

Range Arrives

Zeus and Range get Acquainted

Opening Morning in Northern Michigan

Keeping an Eye on the Sky

Range with Wood Ducks and Teal

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