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The 100th Post

Everything was thick as molasses. The woods. The water. The air. Each breath like sucking a quilt into my lungs. The pathetic breeze couldn’t even move the cottonwood seeds floating on the lake. I was swallowed-up in a late-August afternoon. But it was only early June. Sweat dripped into my eyes. I pulled the flick-n-shimy … Continue reading


Dead calm still. Oak leaves rested motionless. Pines, lacking their signature sway, stood like toothpicks in fully baked cornbread. I fumbled through the dark for a coffee can and filter. It was almost light enough to see the lake. Local on the 8’s predicted perfection. 70 degrees. A slight breeze. Coffee’s done. Shoes on. Carrying … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Zeus

When I can’t find the words, my brother finds them for me. This Facebook post captures the essence of the past ten years spent with one of the best hunting buddies I could ever ask for. Zeus might appear as nothing more than an average black lab with a reckless tail which destroys wine glasses … Continue reading

Seven Pound Bass: The Sequel

It felt like a big Northern Pike. A subtle bite with nothing but a small boil on the surface. Then deadweight on the line. No drag-screaming runs. Just steady pressure like reeling in a log. Only an occasional thumping head-shake. Then nothing. Back to being a log. With an attitude. When she was close enough … Continue reading

Installing New Boat Seats

My brother backed through the doorway. He tried to hide the big white boxes but I knew right away what he was carrying. Two big, beautiful, camo, high-back boat seats from Bass Pro Shops. An awesome birthday present. Now I just had to figure out what to do with them. My Lowe 1648 “Big Jon” … Continue reading

Back to Basics

A bucket of bait. Two split shots. A hook. A bobber. It’s 1985. I lay awake in bed waiting for the sun to rise. The anticipation is killing me. I sneak out of my room and into the darkness. I’ll be the first of my friends to the dock today. My gear is tried and … Continue reading

Cover that Duck Blind

It only took a few hunts to realize that I needed to ditch the imitation “fast grass” mats that I bought with my duck boat. They never matched the vegetation in the marsh. I wasted hours before and after each hunt covering them with a canvas tarp to trailer down the highway. And they held … Continue reading

The Derby

It’s Sunday morning. Just before dawn. I can still taste the blackberry brandy. The sweetness is gone. Replaced by a hangover. A few deep breaths of icy air settles my stomach for a few minutes. Branden ran back to the house to get the spud. I stand alone on the ice enjoying the silence. Listening … Continue reading

A Saturday in February

I stepped out of the shanty. The sun stung my eyes like walking out of a bar in the middle of the day. Uncle Pete was back at the house. He hadn’t been gone for longer than ten minutes. I squinted in the direction of my tip-ups. Flags down. My ears rang in the silence … Continue reading

Geese on Ice

I slapped the doors open and sat up. The vivid January sunset set the sky on fire with a warm pinky-purple glow. We had geese to retrieve. 40+ decoys to pack away. I didn’t want to move. I just sat there. Soaking up the moment. It shouldn’t have worked. Dusty called me the night before. … Continue reading


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