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Duck Hunting Video: 2011 Season Highlights

The 2011 duck season was one of the best. The crew and I put down more birds in Michigan than ever before. Dusty and I had a great week in North Dakota. Zeus, at 9 years old, is still kicking ass. And we added Tugboat who has what it takes to be the next great … Continue reading

Duck Kebobs

It’s easy to make duck taste like crap. Its a dense gamey meat. My favorite recipes each took some practice to get right. I nailed these kebobs on the first try. They’re easy to make and taste great. Start with 3 or 4 mallard breasts soaked overnight in milk and salt. Slice the meat into … Continue reading

I’d Rather Be Duck Hunting

Damn it weather. You know I’m trapped here. With nothing but a hollow wooden door between me and that 1980’s microwave. Forced to overhear conversations of ROI and fiscal years and bitching about meetings. I’m crawling out of my skin under this drop ceiling. Stained tiles reporting to duty in a uniform grid. Dude it’s … Continue reading

Gear Review: Quacker Attacker Duck Call

A really nice call topped my gear wishlist for years. I’ve tested dozens in the aisles of my favorite sporting good stores. I was never so impressed that I couldn’t walk past the register without it. All of those calls seemed really expensive for a mass-produced hunk of plastic. Now, I don’t hunt ducks to … Continue reading

NoDak 2011: The Keys

He shuffled his feet through the grass. Like he was searching for something. His jacket and hat in a heap. Head down. Shoulders slumped. Zeus and I walked up but Dusty wouldn’t look at us. I didn’t want to ask the question. Because I didn’t want to hear the answer. “Dusty…what are you looking for?” … Continue reading

NoDak 2011: Limit at Dawn

I didn’t know what to shoot first. I shouldered the gun two or three times only to lower it and grab my call. Dusty and Zeus were tracking a crippled pintail not even 50 yards behind me. The birds could see them and still wanted in. I threw down a feed chuckle rolled into a … Continue reading

NoDak 2011: A Suicide Mission and a Dead Battery

The walk back was brutal. A long mile through sticky mud and knee-deep water. The sun disappeared in an instant. Zeus shivered while he walked. I pushed on. Sweat dripping. F-bomb dropping. Trying to step in Dusty’s footprints before the mud swallowed up any evidence that we were dumb enough to test this huge pothole. … Continue reading

NoDak 2011

The prairie sky slowly came alive. Pink fading to red bleeding into a purplish orange. My feet slowly going numb thanks to a bitter west wind filling my layout blind. It suddenly hit me. This was our last morning. Two years of scheming and planning. Months of saving. In this cornfield I silently thanked North … Continue reading

The Hot Streak

I stepped out of the truck into the teeth of a 40 mph southwest wind. Camo was everywhere. Hundreds of hunters stood in line to try their luck at Harsen’s Island “duck bingo”. Out of 91 parties we were #89 on the list. We scrambled out of the parking lot to beat the crowds to … Continue reading

Wood Ducks, Geese and Flooded Corn

Saturday. Oct. 8th, 2011 Nick was running late. Not surprising. I called him just hours before to make final plans for the south zone waterfowl opener. It was 8 pm and he was on his way to the bar with some buddies. That leaves me, dad, my brother and Zeus waiting in a dark parking … Continue reading


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