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BT Joe’s

October afternoons in the sun-drenched aspens chasing grouse are gone. November morning snow squalls and decoying mallards have passed. December left with just enough ice on the lakes to block the boat launch but not enough to start ice fishing. Slow transitions between my seasons suck. Makes me feel like I’m stuck in a rut. … Continue reading

Clays and Metal

Dave and I have been friends since high school. He moved to Michigan from Texas and ended up sitting next to me in Algebra. We spent the semester talking shit and being disruptive. I should have failed that class. To this day I still suck at math but I’ll go to my grave believing X+Y=A … Continue reading

Dawn to Dusk

Last week I fished 3 lakes and shot a couple rounds of 5 stand. Not bad for working close to 50 hours as  a desk-bound cubicle cowboy. Thursday started with a pre-dawn run to Lake St. Clair. I met up with Jake, my coworker and trusted walleye fishing captain, at 5:30 am. We launched near … Continue reading

Taking Back Summer

It happens every summer. I make the committment to fish at least twice a week. I plan to try new waters. I make the commitment to practice shooting. I promise to get to the clays range at least 4 or 5 times before September. Then, somewhat magically, my weekends fill-up with weddings, graduation parties, family events and work.   In the battle to … Continue reading


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