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Feathers. Fishing. And 75 lbs.

Damn. It’s been awhile. I took a hiatus from the blog to dedicate my time to losing weight. It’s ironic because writing and the outdoors motivated me to make serious changes in my life. Yet writing about the outdoors has fallen off my time-pressed list of things to do. Last September I drafted three simple … Continue reading

Ernie Harwell and some Chicks

Apparently Peregrine Falcons run the D. Since posting this story ( ) about the Falcons nesting on top of my office buidling in Warren, MI, two more Falcon pairs have made the news in Metro-Detroit. In the past week, DNR officers and conservationalists banded and named 6 Falcon chicks. Three in Mount Clemens on the Macomb County building and three more on the … Continue reading

Adventure Fishing in Northern Michigan

Adventure Fishing was the theme last weeked. Dedicated to trying new waters I took a simple approach. Ask friends for recommendations where to fish. And try it out. The pay-off was an unforgettable weekend. Friday morning started with a quick 1 1/2 hour trip on familiar waters to warm up my casting arm. We were fishing in Badger Lake at Lost Lake Woods club near … Continue reading

30 Species in 30 Hours in Michigan Waters The MUCC and Michigan Out-of-Doors are hosting an awesome event to stop the progression of Asian Carp into Michigan waters. The goal is three-fold: 1. Catch 30 species of fish in 30 hours. 2. Raise money to fight the progression of this invasive species. 3. Rally Michigan sportsman to make enough noise to get attention in … Continue reading

I’d rather build a wood duck house

Just spent all weekend working on MY house. Instead of fishing or shooting clays, I spent the last day and a half drilling into concrete with a hammer drill. Installing a guardrail/handrail on the front porch. It sux. While I have the saws, air compressors and nail guns out of the garage, I was thinking … Continue reading

Peregrine Falcons at the Office

A few co-workers and I noticed these falcons hanging around our office building here in Warren, MI. I immediately knew they were peregrines after witnessing one of them pick-off a pigeon in mid-air. Peregrines are some of the fastest animals on the planet reaching speeds of almost 200 mph as they swoop down on unsuspecting prey. … Continue reading

How to Stop the Asian Carp?

***UPDATE*** The Chicago Tribune reported that the DNR’s massive poisoning of the Chicago River revealed zero asian carp. It was believed that the carp made it up to the locks in Chicago and basically to the doorstep of Lake Michigan. The only way to know for sure was to poison the river resulting in 100,000 dead fish. Good … Continue reading


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