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Back to Basics

A bucket of bait. Two split shots. A hook. A bobber. It’s 1985. I lay awake in bed waiting for the sun to rise. The anticipation is killing me. I sneak out of my room and into the darkness. I’ll be the first of my friends to the dock today. My gear is tried and … Continue reading

Crappie Dusting

Don’t you love stinking up a bar? Isn’t it great to have all eyes on you as you trace the dance floor on the way to your table? You swear people are hiding smirks behind pint glasses. They’re whispering “do you smell fish?” I mean come on. Who hasn’t cleaned a pile of crappie then … Continue reading

Icing Crappie and an Easy Recipe

Slabs. Specs. Paper-lips. Crappies have almost as many nicknames as tricks for stealing minnows off a jig. Here’s a quick rundown on how we caught a few followed by a great tasting pansfish recipe. Saturday, late afternoon, we hit the ice. A shanty, two Vexilars, a propane lantern, a bucket of shiners and a few … Continue reading

Hooking Spawning Crappie

Spring fishing season is officially over. Which isn’t great news for me. The spawn for walleye, crappie, bass and pike really kicked off my season in style. Here’s the details on one afternoon spent wearing-out some big crappies. We were shore-fishing in the Upper Straits of Orchard Lake in Metro Detroit. A string of  3 or … Continue reading


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