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Duck Opener: Lake St. Clair

My duck season is officially off to a rough start.  After a lousy opening morning in the middle zone, I was pumped to get a second chance in Lake St. Clair. But  (and I don’t really need to be reminded) duck hunting doesn’t always happen like I plan. Regardless, my alarm rang at 1:45 am … Continue reading

Mojo Mallards Outlawed in Michigan,1607,7-153-10371_10402-238107–,00.html  According to the Michigan DNR “Robo Ducks” (electronic spinning wing decoys) will not be allowed at the Shiawassee River State Game Area this season. Hunters have complained that these decoys flare ducks late in the season ruining their overall hunting experience. This ban is a temporary and experimental effort. Mojo’s will be banned for up to … Continue reading

This website is the complete resource for Waterfowl hunters. They feature awesome videos ( )of hunts, advice articles about decoys/calls/dogs from pros, and links to great companies for the gear we all beat to hell. I read about this site in DU magazine. You know if DU endorses something then it’s got to be good. At first I found the … Continue reading

Detroit Area Duck Hunters: Get Cheap Gear!!

Fellow Duck Hunters and Waterfowl Enthusiasts, This Saturday, May 1st, DU is hosting an event in Monroe, MI. Check out the flyer below for more info. This event includes a “duck hunters garage sale” featuring used decoys, calls and other stuff. Many in “my flock of blocks” have been purchased from Craigslist so I can … Continue reading


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