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Game Time

They’re down by six. There’s :03 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Your team has the ball. That familiar nervous excitement wells up in your gut. They line up on the 45. Only a Hail Mary shot can win. The ball is snapped. The QB rolls left, he sets his feet….he launches the ball. The … Continue reading

Never Give Up On The Boy

It’s safe to say the signs of my addiction started at an early age. According to Thrubis legend the first word I uttered as a child was “bird”. My second was “dog”. My priorities have been definite ever since. While the other kids doodled cars and scrawled their names repeatedly in the margins of their … Continue reading

One Duck Makes All The Difference

Duck hunting is all about those few perfect seconds. You can close your eyes and re-live those times when birds suddenly appear and enjoy that excitement when you realize they’re coming in. You always remember when a few notes on the call make them spin and set on the decoys with wings locked and feet down. You can’t forget everytime … Continue reading

This website is the complete resource for Waterfowl hunters. They feature awesome videos ( )of hunts, advice articles about decoys/calls/dogs from pros, and links to great companies for the gear we all beat to hell. I read about this site in DU magazine. You know if DU endorses something then it’s got to be good. At first I found the … Continue reading

Duck Hunting Trips

It’s time to book your bird hunting trips for the upcoming season. We only have a little over 20 weeks to research, make reservations, save up the cash and request time off of work. Talk to your buddies. Post online. Put a plan together. Then fully enjoy the best 60 days of the year.     Sunset over … Continue reading

Duck hunters cake It’s your duck hunting buddy’s birthday. He has all the calls, decoys, shells and camo anyone could possibly want. So what can you give them? How about a really cheesy cake topper complete with functioning “duck caller”. This is pretty funny. Thanks to Aaron for the link.

Delta Waterfowl Pic Contest

Although I’m enjoying a spring of great fishing I’m excited that summer is just around the corner. But I hate hot weather. And I’m not a “beach dude”. The only reason I love summer is because when it’s over…duck season begins.   My photos from last season motivate me through the summer to train the dog and get … Continue reading


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