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Outdoor Soundtrack

My sister played softball. My brother played football. I played the cello. Music has always been there. Longer than I can even remember hunting and fishing. Or maybe not. Maybe just as long as I can remember walking through the woods. And Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits. The Big Chill Soundtrack. Lionel Richie. White cassette tapes … Continue reading

The 100th Post

Everything was thick as molasses. The woods. The water. The air. Each breath like sucking a quilt into my lungs. The pathetic breeze couldn’t even move the cottonwood seeds floating on the lake. I was swallowed-up in a late-August afternoon. But it was only early June. Sweat dripped into my eyes. I pulled the flick-n-shimy … Continue reading

Hooking Spawning Crappie

Spring fishing season is officially over. Which isn’t great news for me. The spawn for walleye, crappie, bass and pike really kicked off my season in style. Here’s the details on one afternoon spent wearing-out some big crappies. We were shore-fishing in the Upper Straits of Orchard Lake in Metro Detroit. A string of  3 or … Continue reading

How to Stop the Asian Carp?

***UPDATE*** The Chicago Tribune reported that the DNR’s massive poisoning of the Chicago River revealed zero asian carp. It was believed that the carp made it up to the locks in Chicago and basically to the doorstep of Lake Michigan. The only way to know for sure was to poison the river resulting in 100,000 dead fish. Good … Continue reading


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