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The 100th Post

Everything was thick as molasses. The woods. The water. The air. Each breath like sucking a quilt into my lungs. The pathetic breeze couldn’t even move the cottonwood seeds floating on the lake. I was swallowed-up in a late-August afternoon. But it was only early June. Sweat dripped into my eyes. I pulled the flick-n-shimy … Continue reading

How Bill Dance Saved My Brain

I don’t feel normal. I’m irritable, sleepy and filled with nervous energy. Days are running together and I’m just going through the motions. Get up. Go to work. Go to the gym. Go to bed. It sucks. My brain is on a hamster wheel going nowhere fast. This time of year is notoriously depressing because … Continue reading

Dawn to Dusk

Last week I fished 3 lakes and shot a couple rounds of 5 stand. Not bad for working close to 50 hours as  a desk-bound cubicle cowboy. Thursday started with a pre-dawn run to Lake St. Clair. I met up with Jake, my coworker and trusted walleye fishing captain, at 5:30 am. We launched near … Continue reading

Fishing in the Dark

My dad admitted my plan was crazy. But I honestly couldn’t resist. What’s an 8 hour round trip when there’s a 4 hour Catfish Derby to enjoy? So Johnny, my wife, the dogs and I headed north on Saturday afternoon to fish all night. We turned around and drove back Sunday morning. Best. Decision. Ever. … Continue reading

Fireworks, Cold Beer and Hammer-Handles

Every great fishing trip has three things: 1. Good Fishing 2. A go-to- lure 3. And a memorable theme song. Armed with some spinner baits and braving ridiculously hi temps, me and the boys laid the hammer-down on some bass, walleye and pike. We landed approx 30 fish in 4 days of fishing at Lost … Continue reading

Hooking Spawning Crappie

Spring fishing season is officially over. Which isn’t great news for me. The spawn for walleye, crappie, bass and pike really kicked off my season in style. Here’s the details on one afternoon spent wearing-out some big crappies. We were shore-fishing in the Upper Straits of Orchard Lake in Metro Detroit. A string of  3 or … Continue reading

30 Species in 30 Hours in Michigan Waters The MUCC and Michigan Out-of-Doors are hosting an awesome event to stop the progression of Asian Carp into Michigan waters. The goal is three-fold: 1. Catch 30 species of fish in 30 hours. 2. Raise money to fight the progression of this invasive species. 3. Rally Michigan sportsman to make enough noise to get attention in … Continue reading

Tactics and Lures for Bass Success

It should be a great weekend for bass fishing in Michigan. The water temps are hovering right around 50 degrees keeping the fish active and searching for beds. Just over a week ago, my buddy and I caught about dozen decent fish using these baits and tactics. We were fishing Horsehead Lake in Mecosta County.  1. Target … Continue reading

25% Walleye

Just settled in at my desk after another morning of chasing walleye on the Detroit River before work. Getting up at 4:30 to go fishing seems like a good idea until about 11 am. Good news, there’s enough coffee in my office to keep me awake. Bad news, the coffee tastes like shit.  This was my fourth wally … Continue reading

Great Trout Season Expected in West Michigan

Trout fishing on the Westside of Michigan is expected to be awesome this season. Weather conditions have been ideal increasing the survival rate for planted and wild trout. This means bigger and wilder trout in stretches of the White and Muskegon rivers. Plus, the DNR planted thousands of trout in the Rogue River and Coldwater … Continue reading


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