Grouse Hunting in Northern Michigan

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Thunderbirds of the Northwoods

There he was. Strutting in the middle of the road like a pint sized turkey. Tail feathers fanned out. Wingtips dragging in the dust. Iridescent blueish black feathers jutting from his neck. His spinning and twirling pissed me off. His dancing was like a feathered middle finger. We just spent the last five hours pushing … Continue reading

Bacon and Grouse Hunting

There’s nothing better than bacon. Unless you wrap it around a roll of Italian sausage. Which is filled with more bacon. Yeah, I’d have to say this is one way to make bacon better. This legendary concoction is known as the Bacon Log. It’s the combination of 2 lbs of bacon, 2 lbs of sausage, … Continue reading

Team-Up for Grouse and Woodcock

Bust-out the blaze orange vests. Dust-off the field jeans and grab a few boxes of #8 game loads. Upland bird season is officially back. And Northern Michigan is a hot spot for Grouse and Woodcock. Zeus and I hunted near Alpena, MI, last weekend and enjoyed a respectable flush-rate of 1.375 per hour. We couldn’t do it alone. We needed some reinforcements who helped … Continue reading


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