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The $200 Weekend

Sometimes a fishing trip is simply perfect. The weather cooperates. The fish hold to a pattern. Your gear works flawlessly. Even your casts just seem to land right where you envisioned them in your head. This weekend was not one of those trips. Slow fishing, a broken rod and a fried deep-cycle battery made for … Continue reading

Fishing in the Dark

My dad admitted my plan was crazy. But I honestly couldn’t resist. What’s an 8 hour round trip when there’s a 4 hour Catfish Derby to enjoy? So Johnny, my wife, the dogs and I headed north on Saturday afternoon to fish all night. We turned around and drove back Sunday morning. Best. Decision. Ever. … Continue reading

A Legend is Born

KVD. B.Dance. John Heiple. John has become a legend at Lost Lake Woods Club. His heroic battle with a 7lb walleye on Badger Lake was amazing to witness. Watching him transcend from amateur angler to superstar is, admittedly, hilarious. Lost Lake Woods Club (LLWC) is a club for families, golfers and sportsmen located just outside of Alpena, MI. I’ve been fishing and … Continue reading


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