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The Good Hurt

I’ve spent the past two weekends in the thickest, nastiest, aspens I could find. Pushing through pines so dense that I couldn’t see an inch in front of my face. My elbows are scratched and stuck with tiny bits of thorns. My knee is swollen with a bruise the size of a baseball. It’s late … Continue reading

Things Fall Apart

Fly Fishing activates the senses. Eyes marvel at the inspiring scenery and the intricacies of handcrafted flies. Hands feel the tension of a perfectly looped backcast. Ears capture the soothing sounds of flowing water. Tastebuds cringe at the gritty flavor of mud as you lose your footing and face-plant into the river. Every once in … Continue reading

Crappie Dusting

Don’t you love stinking up a bar? Isn’t it great to have all eyes on you as you trace the dance floor on the way to your table? You swear people are hiding smirks behind pint glasses. They’re whispering “do you smell fish?” I mean come on. Who hasn’t cleaned a pile of crappie then … Continue reading


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