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Summer in an Hour

I am a weather junkie. Supercells, pressure systems and record temps fascinate me. I spend hours watching The Weather Channel. I monitor radar on just for fun. If I didn’t spend so much time in the outdoors, I’d probably need a 12-step program for my addiction to “Local on the 8’s”. All outdoorsy folks … Continue reading

Ice Cold Cider

I could have sworn when I set the alarm last night that is was March. You know, March. The month that holds the official first day spring? When the alarm went off at 5:30 am, the report on the Weather Channel looked more like January. 15 degrees. 1….5….degrees. I almost went back to bed. In … Continue reading

And So It Begins

Sucker fish aren’t sexy. They don’t fight like steelhead. They’re not huge like catfish. They’re definitely not great to eat like walleye. (I don’t care what my buddies say, there are just some meats that a smoker can’t fix.) But this time every year I just can’t wait to set a hook to one of … Continue reading

“I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”

Fishing for Suckers::Yates Cider Mill, Rochester, MI Ice out is an awesome time to fish. Driven to feed and spawn, many species head into rivers making them pretty accesible to anglers. Driven by shanty-fever and the need to learn how to cast again, I head out to the Clinton River. Zeus and I fish at Yates Cider Mill starting … Continue reading


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