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Aren’t My Own

Obsession is kin to true love. If you let your mind wander where does it go? A prairie pothole in North Dakota. A north wind in my face at sunset. A river in Montana. Dry flies bobbing in the riffle over browns and cutties. A humid August night in northern Michigan. Bass exploding through the … Continue reading

Perfect Ice

Moments stuck to that feel good part of my brain. Imprinted by nature. Energized by the experience. Visions that reappear and make my spine tingle while I stood at the dock to launch the boat for the first bass fishing trips of the season. It’s months later and I still can’t help but smile. The … Continue reading

Feathers. Fishing. And 75 lbs.

Damn. It’s been awhile. I took a hiatus from the blog to dedicate my time to losing weight. It’s ironic because writing and the outdoors motivated me to make serious changes in my life. Yet writing about the outdoors has fallen off my time-pressed list of things to do. Last September I drafted three simple … Continue reading

Outdoor Soundtrack

My sister played softball. My brother played football. I played the cello. Music has always been there. Longer than I can even remember hunting and fishing. Or maybe not. Maybe just as long as I can remember walking through the woods. And Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits. The Big Chill Soundtrack. Lionel Richie. White cassette tapes … Continue reading

First Ice of 2013

We left the morning after Christmas. Chased out of Detroit by the biggest snowstorm in years. The sparkling new King Ranch F-150 rumbled up I-75. I had never fished the Upper Peninsula before and the lure of fishable ice and walleyes the size of my arm were good reasons for a 6 hour truck ride. … Continue reading

Salmon Fever

My knees were knocking so bad I could hardly stand up. Some guys get “buck fever” and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But fur and antlers don’t rattle me like this. Not like my first salmon. I’ve tried for years to land one of these silver bullets. I’ve hooked them with spoons from piers. … Continue reading

Fish West 2012

I was fishing in Yellowstone just days ago. Searching for trout and grayling while Goldeneye and Rudy ducks fed within casting range of my fly rod. My feet ached from the cold water but I didn’t want to move. Stepping out of that lake meant the trip was over. The fishing rod cased. Wading shoes … Continue reading

Fish West 2012: Bozeman and the Gallatin

Even the airport feels like a fishing lodge. Heavy wood beams accented by black iron hardware. All framed the mountains staring through giant windows. I instantly felt at home. We were in the Gallatin River within a few hours. A swift, clear stretch just minutes from the bar where we fueled up on Kokanee and … Continue reading

Fish West 2012: The Snake River

“BEAR!” The river carried us closer to a pair of black ears hiding behind a bush. I scrambled for my video camera as the bear covered ground with two easy hops. He stopped and stared right at me. Like he was glaring into my skull. I didn’t need any more reminders about how dangerous The … Continue reading

Fish West 2012: Yellowstone

We hiked through scorched earth. Tall pines lying like skeletons bleached by the sun. A chosen few still standing. Trunks blackened and scarred. Survivors of a wildfire. Young trees took advantage. Soaking up the abundant sunlight in the absence of their fallen parents. Nature’s viciously beautiful cycles were racking my brain. Until Reeves pulled up … Continue reading


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