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Aren’t My Own

Obsession is kin to true love. If you let your mind wander where does it go? A prairie pothole in North Dakota. A north wind in my face at sunset. A river in Montana. Dry flies bobbing in the riffle over browns and cutties. A humid August night in northern Michigan. Bass exploding through the … Continue reading

Feathers. Fishing. And 75 lbs.

Damn. It’s been awhile. I took a hiatus from the blog to dedicate my time to losing weight. It’s ironic because writing and the outdoors motivated me to make serious changes in my life. Yet writing about the outdoors has fallen off my time-pressed list of things to do. Last September I drafted three simple … Continue reading

My Saturdays

I bet your Friday nights are spent having dinner with friends. Tipping back a few drinks? Maybe a movie with your sweetheart? I have 10 months a year for that shit. This is my duck season. My Friday nights are short. Spent loading the truck. Skipping dinner. Counting 18 shells and packing-up my waders. Charging … Continue reading

The GOD D*MN Bay

Moonlight casts the longest shadows. Two silhouettes. A man. And his dog. Me? Furious. Sweaty. Plodding down the street in 1,000 lb waders. The dog? Happy. Go-lucky. Pissing in flower beds. Trying to lighten the mood. We weren’t really lost. I’ve hunted the bay enough to know exactly where we were. That said. We weren’t … Continue reading

NoDak 2012

The darkness was viscous. It pooled like water only to evaporate in the high-beams of the Silverado. We sped down the dirt road. Everything rattled from shotshells stuffed in the door pockets to the lanyard of calls on the dash. The wind pounded the windows and only got stronger as night prepared to give way … Continue reading

A Traveling Decoy

He showed up in a box on my porch. Carefully packed in shredded paper. Michigan was the first stop on his tour before his final destination. eBay. Meet Range. He’s a traveling decoy. He’s traded between a few waterfowl hunters who share their stories through Twitter and blogs. The final result is a donation to … Continue reading


This was not how I expected to start my duck season. Opening Morning: 5:30 am My eyes where on fire. My nose dripped. The overwhelming stench of skunk assaulted my senses. Chad leaned on the tailgate in the dark driveway. His new pup, Jax, was the perpetrator. Camo vest, face and fur saturated in skunk … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Zeus

When I can’t find the words, my brother finds them for me. This Facebook post captures the essence of the past ten years spent with one of the best hunting buddies I could ever ask for. Zeus might appear as nothing more than an average black lab with a reckless tail which destroys wine glasses … Continue reading

Installing New Boat Seats

My brother backed through the doorway. He tried to hide the big white boxes but I knew right away what he was carrying. Two big, beautiful, camo, high-back boat seats from Bass Pro Shops. An awesome birthday present. Now I just had to figure out what to do with them. My Lowe 1648 “Big Jon” … Continue reading

Cover that Duck Blind

It only took a few hunts to realize that I needed to ditch the imitation “fast grass” mats that I bought with my duck boat. They never matched the vegetation in the marsh. I wasted hours before and after each hunt covering them with a canvas tarp to trailer down the highway. And they held … Continue reading


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